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The Rolling Stones

Named after a line in a Muddy Waters song, the Rolling Stones have set the standard for rock and roll bands. The group has the distinction of being the longest-lasting rock band in history -- they have performed together for over 37 years.

The Rolling Stones were the first public bad boys of rock, breaking taboos and social conventions -- sometimes just for the fun of it. Original manager Andrew Loog Oldham pushed this image of the band to the media -- understanding that rock was the music of rebels, the music of a new generation ready to loosen up and have a little fun. The mantra "Sex, Drugs and rock and roll" describes the attitude of the group perfectly, between Jagger's notorious womanizing and Richards' tales of drug stupors -- the Rolling Stones were the perfect contrast to the pop sweetness of the early Beatles.

It's no accident that the band was named after a song from the famous blues musician Muddy Waters. In the early '60s, when pop dominated the airwaves, working class teens were looking for music that spoke more closely to their soul. The raw sounds of blues spoke of heartbreak and tough times, giving teens something more real than the fluffy-sweet lyrics of many of the pop songs of the day.

The history of the Stones dates back to 1960 in Dartford, England, when Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, childhood school acquaintances, happened to cross paths while taking the train to Victoria. Richards noticed that Jagger was carrying an armful of blues records under his arm and realized that they shared a common passion -- the blues. Shortly thereafter the pair agree to audition for a local blues band, Little Boy Blue & The Blue Boys.


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